Vision & Values

The roadmap to our future


"Grow local through global and vice versa"

In today's fast paced world, where customers have increasingly become quality and brand conscious, it is every manufacturer's demand to find the best raw materials at the right price. Colence aims to assist it's customers grow in their respective local markets by sourcing the right raw material from domestic and international markets. Colence grows when it's customers grow.

What We Value

Customers first

No business, how much ever innovative or efficiency managed, can be successful without the trust and support of it's esteemed customers. At Colence, we put our customers at the heart of every decision. "What's good for our customers, is good for us".

Operate as owners

At Colence, we urge our employees to "Operate as owners", treating every job as though it will begin and end with them. Individual team members strive to make smart, informed decisions and execute them efficiently to make a big impact. Each one has the opportunity to present his/her thoughts and to question the thought process/ decision of others. This helps us reach the best solution and anticipating potential issues or fixes.

Accountability for results

Accountability is about delivering on a commitment. Colence as a team, is always accountable for what it promises to its customers. Further, within the team also, each member is accountable for his actions, decisions, goals and projects. We promise only that what we can deliver and encourage our employees to do the same.