Heeding to your unique sourcing needs


Your wish is our command!

At Colence we do not restrict ourselves from fulfilling the demands of our esteemed customers.

For our local Customers

We Source

  • PU and PVC artificial leather and a huge range of fabrics from

    China Taiwan Korea
  • Release paper from

    Japan Italy USA
  • Polyvinyl chloride paste resin, dioctyl phthalate plasticiser and Ethylene-vinyl acetate from

    Taiwan Korea

For Our International Customers

We Source

  • All kinds of footwear (both finished products and components) from reputed manufacturers in

    China India
  • Furniture upholstery from manufacturers in

    China India

    and thus help reduce the overall cost of manufacturing

Advantages of collaborating with Colence

By collaborating with US, our customers (both domestic and international)

  • Reap benefits of our strong business relationship with manufacturers across the globe.
  • Are guaranteed of competitive prices.
  • Save time while enjoying diversity of designs and products.
  • Are assured of the right quality at the right price, each time, on time.