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PVC Paste Resin

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Product Code : CI-PPR
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2 - 3 days

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    1. PVC Paste Resin is heavily used in fabric coatings, wallpaper manufacturing and flooring materials
    2. Colence sources PVC paste resin from various suppliers in South Korea, China, USA and supplies to manufacturers in domestic market
    3. Colence stocks and books all kinds of PVC paste resin from Low K Value (62-68) to High K Value (78-84) on regular basis
    4. High K value paste resin is mostly used in top layer coatings and low K value paste resin is mostly used in adhesive layers
    5. Low K Value - Medium K Value PVC paste resin tends to be have very good foaming properties and gelling speed
    6. Depending on international prices we also book materials directly for our customers depending on the order quantities. MOQ for direct bookings is one 20 FT container (~14 metric tonnes)
    7. Please inquire about the current PVC paste resins in stock using our GET IN TOUCH tab. The packaging of the products come in 20 - 25 kg bags depending on the manufacturer.
    8. Particle size generally between 10 - 100 µm (varies from manufacturer to maufacturer)

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