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Frequently Asked Questions

01What is the length of each roll?

The length of roll depends on the thickness of the artificial leather. Usually the below would hold true

Thickness (Millimeters) Length (Meters)
<1 50
1-1.8 30
>1.8 25

02What is the width of each roll?

We follow the industry standard. Each roll has a width of 54 inches (137cm)

03What is the price range of the products that if offered by Colence?

No matter who we speak to, at one point in the conversation we are asked this question. The PVC that we manufacture starts from : and the PU that we import starts from : However providing an upper limit would mean restricting ourselves. The upper limit is defined by the quality needs of the client. We do offer products as expensive as :

04What are the payment terms and conditions?

The payment terms and conditions depend on a lot of factors such as Colence customer relation, on order vs in stock products, PU vs PVC artificial leather. Hence, payment terms are discussed on one to one basis.

05Who are our current clients

We have a long list of satisfied customers. Some of our frequent buyers are

06What are the usual delivery times?

The delivery schedules depend on many factors such as imported vs domestic artificial leather, in stock vs on order. A basic outline is given below. However, there may be variations due to unforeseen events.

Product Expected delivery schedule
In stock PU leather 1-3 working days
On order PU leather 20-45 working days
PVC leather 2-15 days